The best place for all kinds of shooting activities is Jupon Erä shooting sports centre in Pessalompolo in the middle of Finnish Lapland.


There are 10 modern shooting ranges. It’s the only place in Lapland with rights to hold Finnish Championship events.


Shooting sports centre has a 450 square metre service building with complete dinner and kitchen facilities, toilets, offices and meeting rooms.


The main building comprises of two different cabins constructed using prefabrication in 1977.


The main building has a large restaurant, a bar, a dance floor and lots of space.


The main building provides excellent premises for weddings, birthday parties etc. There can be arranged over 200 seats with tables and the centre has all facilities and equipment needed. The kitchen of Jupon Erä prepares tasty and healthy traditional Finnish meals. Parking lot has room for 400 cars and 50 trailers. Charging stations can be arranged.


For accommodation there is no place like Cabin Metso.  Built in 2004 it has enough room to house 40 people. It also includes a sauna department for 10, kitchen facilities and a toilet for persons with reduced mobility.


Entrances are equipped with easily attached ramps for wheel chairs and none of the doors have thresholds.


Hidden inside Cabin Metso is an old forest cabin furnished in a traditional style.


Cabin Metso provides great facilities for recreation and rest. One can really feel the traditional Finnish atmosphere there.


The hunting cabin was built in 2001 in collaboration of Jupon Erä and Villi Pohjola. It’s located on a beautiful terrain near the eastern border of Koiravaara.


The cabin was ended up so beautiful that it was decided to turn it into a church. The following year the first service was held there on the 18th of August 2002. The place was consecrated and nowadays Hietanokka chapel is popular due to its peacefulness.


The first couple married in the chapel in 13.08.2005. Vines above the door embellished the entrance and upholstered backseats made the mood and atmosphere calm and beautiful.


In 01.11.2015 the chapel held its third marriage in attendance of two witnesses and the groom’s children. (Photo album)


Interior photos: Matti Björninen /Kuva-Väylä

Exterior photos (2pcs): Jaakko Harjuvaara


The church is the activity centre of Kotakulha hunting district. Prestigious guests from all over the world have attended events held there.


The hunting district is the safest, best upheld and built in Finland. Organization runs like clockwork.


The church has brought softer values with itself. Hunting isn’t just mindless killing nowadays. It’s coexistence of nature and based on a sustainable development. The most important things in hunting are experiences and understanding the diversity of nature. The church in the middle of everything is a sign of fine values.


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SINCE 1967

Our hunting association was established in the summer of 1967.


The meaning of our association is to work for sustainable and nature-respecting shooting sports activity. Besides shooting the association organizes guidance, education and events.


Kaaranneskoskentie 150, 95670 Pessalompolo

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