Responsible hunting sports activity since 1967.


The establishment meeting of Jupon Erä ry was held in 24th of July 1967 in Meltosjärvi school. In the meeting it was decided that a hunting association shall be established and that it shall be called Jupon Erä. The association is named after a hill in Lapland, Karhujupukka.


As association’s first chairman was elected Aaro Siponen. Samuli Poikela was the first secretary. The original board consisted of Esa Lanko, Eero Pajuniemi, Reino Sainmaa, Otto Aironen, Martti Oikarainen and Tauno Yrjänheikki. Vice members were Akseli Heikka, Kauko Voutilainen and Unto Koivuranta. Väinö Konttinen and Osmo Joona were elected to scrutinise the minutes, Mikko Kariniemi and Heikki Kärkkäinen were their vice members. First accountants were Antti Ylihannu and Kalervo Hokkinen with Valtteri Hinkkanen and Erkki Vuolo as their vices.


The chairmanship of Aaro Siponen lasted only a little while as he passed away in 1968. At the same time Samuli Poikela resigned of his post as a secretary, pleading on his busy work schedule. Raimo Yrjänheikki was elected to serve as the association’s secretary in the annual meeting held in 07.05.1970. At the same day his title was changed into activity leader to standardize the usage of titles in all Finnish hunting associations.


Raimo Yrjänheikki acted as an activity leader all the way until May 2015. Then Raimo asked for resignation and passed the sceptre to younger members. The association is grateful for everything Raimo has done for it – he has given the association guidance, ranges and Cabin Metso.


18.03.1969 Eero Pajuniemi was elected as the association’s second chairman. His tenure lasted for 12 years.


In 1979 SML – the first moose biathlon Finnish championship were held in Juppo’s cabin.


 In an annual meeting in 20.03.1981 the board chose Tauno Ristioja to act as their third chairman. His tenure lasted 5 years.


In 1983 SML – the hunting shooting Finnish championship were held in Juppo’s cabin.


Voluntary work has been a strong display of unity in the association. At the height of its success in 1982 there were 80 workers, 3 cars and 2 tractors when a maintenance building of 250 square meters of built in Vuonorova where it still stands even this day.


Seppo Siponen became the fourth chairman in 09.03.1986. His tenure lasted 6 years.


1987 SML – the second moose biathlon Finnish Championship.


Sulo Pajuniemi was elected as the fifth chairman in 03.05.1992. Four years later he asked for resignation because of studying.


1992 SML – Moose running Finnish Championship event.


Tauno Ristioja was elected to be the chairman for the second time in 1996. This time he held the post for 9 years.

1997 SML – Second hunting shooting Finnish Championship.

1999 SML – Third moose biathlon Finnish Championship.

2003 SML- Third hunting shooting Finnish Championship.

Raimo Yrjänheikki became association’s seventh chairman in 16.04.2005. His tenure lasted only one year.


Veikko Puiva was elected as the eighth chairman in 26.02.2006. After ten years he asked for resignation.


Eine Siponen became the secretary of the association on 13.02.2005. She’s still holding the post.


2006 SML – Fourth hunting shooting Finnish Championship.


2007 SML – Fifth hunting shooting Finnish Championship.

2007 15th of April dog show.


2008 SML – Fourth moose biathlon Finnish Championship.

2013 SML – Sixth hunting shooting Finnish Championship.

2015 SML – Fifth moose biathlon Finnish Championship.

2016 SML – Seventh hunting shooting Finnish Championship.

Pauli Myllykoski was elected as the ninth chairman in 13.03.2016.


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SINCE 1967

Our hunting association was established in the summer of 1967.


The meaning of our association is to work for sustainable and nature-respecting shooting sports activity. Besides shooting the association organizes guidance, education and events.


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